• Behind the Study: Populations of Cells Resistant to EMT
    Dr. Herbert Levine and Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly describe their research that was published by Oncotarget on July 7, 2020, entitled, “Epigenetic feedback and stochastic partitioning during cell division can drive resistance to EMT.”
  • Behind the Study: Evaluations in TRAMP Prostate Cancer Model
    Dr. Yves Chabu from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri describes a research paper he co-authored in 2020 that was published by Oncotarget, entitled, “Evaluations of CRC2631 toxicity, tumor colonization, and genetic stability in the TRAMP prostate cancer model.”
  • Oncotarget Testimonial: Dr. Yves Chabu
    Dr. Yves Chabu discusses his experience publishing the paper, “Evaluations of CRC2631 toxicity, tumor colonization, and genetic stability in the TRAMP prostate cancer model,” with Oncotarget.

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