Why We Ride: Liliya Novototskaya

My name is Liliya Novototskaya. Since 2007, I have been with Dr. Andrei Gudkov’s lab at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, working as a Research Associate in the Cell Stress Biology Department. The research being carried out in our lab is aimed at defining molecular and cellular stress mechanisms, and developing novel cancer treatment strategies based on these mechanisms.

This is not a one-day task and financial funding is very important.

I am great friends with my colleague Elena Kurenova, who works as an Associate Professor of Oncology, and her husband, Sergei Kurenov, who is the Director of Surgical Simulation at Roswell Park. Sergei is also an avid cyclist.

I love the city I live in and I am always ready to explore more of it. Biking is a great way to do so. 

Along with a company of good and motivated people, this year I decided to take part in the Ride for Roswell for the first time as a member of the Open Access team, which is sponsored by Impact Journals. The previous two years, I volunteered as a photographer for the event together with Lena. We both wore t-shirts with the Open Access, Oncotarget, and Aging logo. 

Team Open Access
Members of Team Open Access (Photo courtesy of Sergei Kurenov)

My husband, Andrei Purmal, who works for Genome Protection, Inc. as  Head of the Department of Chemistry, shares my views and feelings, and was also a part of the Open Access team. My daughter, Ksenia, my son-in-law, Ivan, and my granddaughter, Sofia, were also team members.

My mother had been a cancer survivor, so I dedicated this ride to her.

My colleague’s 12-year-old son is now battling leukemia. I rode for him too.

Everything was organized perfectly, despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am sure next year we’ll be free of masks and our smiles will light up this noble event.

Big thanks to all participants, organizers, and donors!

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