Open-Access Oncotarget Shifts to Continuous Publishing

As of 2022, the peer-reviewed and open-access journal Oncotarget has shifted to continuous publishing.

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BUFFALO, NY, January 6, 2022 – Since its inception in 2010, Oncotarget has operated as a traditional-style journal that publishes online page numbered issues of peer-reviewed papers. Final paginated issues were then released in their permanent form to Pubmed.

As of 2022, Oncotarget has shifted to a continuous publishing model. Papers will now be published continuously within yearly volumes in their final and complete form. This means that qualified, rigorously peer-reviewed articles will be published online as soon as they are in their fully formatted and final version of record. With continuous publication, articles posted online are complete with citation details and are available in full text html and PDF formats. Additionally, research papers will appear on PubMed quickly—just days after the papers are published by Oncotarget.

Why the change? In an increasingly digital world, the open-access continuous publishing model is ideal for authors, researchers and overall readership. Continuous publishing allows for faster research dissemination, citation and clinical application, compared to a traditional format.

Oncotarget is committed to doing our part to ensure that research is available to the biomedical community as quickly as possible, while maintaining high standards of quality.

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Impact Journals is a New York-based open-access publisher with a mission to provide scientists with the opportunity to share their exceptional discoveries, and to present vital findings from different fields of biomedical science. Our goal is life without disease.

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