Oncotarget | HALP Score: Prognostic Ability in Cancers – A Literature Review

“In the last several years, the Hemoglobin, Albumin, Lymphocyte, Platelet Score (HALP) has emerged in the literature as a new prognostic biomarker […]” 

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BUFFALO, NY- March 6, 2023 – A new review paper was published in Oncotarget’s Volume 14 on February 25, 2023, entitled, “What is hemoglobin, albumin, lymphocyte, platelet (HALP) score? A comprehensive literature review of HALP’s prognostic ability in different cancer types.”

Since its inception, the Hemoglobin, Albumin, Lymphocyte, Platelet (HALP) Score has gained attention as a new prognostic biomarker to predict several clinical outcomes in a multitude of cancers. 

“HALP is a novel immune-nutritional marker that integrates several routinely collected indicators of immune status, such as the platelet and lymphocyte count, nutritional status, such as albumin, and hemoglobin, a marker for anemia.”

In this new review, researchers Christian Mark Farag, Ryan Antar, Sinan Akosman, Matthew Ng, and Michael J. Whalen from George Washington University School of Medicine searched PubMed for articles on HALP, from the first paper in 2015 through September 2022. Their search yielded a total of 32 studies that evaluated HALP’s association with various cancers, including Gastric, Colorectal, Bladder, Prostate, Kidney, Esophageal, Pharyngeal, Lung, Breast, Cervical cancers, and others. 

“This review highlights the collective association HALP has with demographic factors such as age and sex in addition to TNM staging, grade, and tumor size.”

Furthermore, this review summarizes HALP’s prognostic ability to predict overall survival, progression-free survival and recurrence-free survival, among other outcomes. In some studies, HALP has also been able to predict response to immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Their review article also aims to serve as a comprehensive and encyclopedic report on the literature that has evaluated HALP as a biomarker in various cancers, highlighting the heterogeneity surrounding HALP’s utilization. 

“Because HALP requires only a complete blood count and albumin – already routinely collected for cancer patients – HALP shows potential as a cost-effective biomarker to aid clinicians in improving outcomes for immuno-nutritionally deficient patients.”

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Keywords: HALP score, biomarker, prognosis, cancer, survival


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