Oncotarget Podcast Receives Top-10 Recognition

As podcasts continue to become more popular (with over 800,000 active podcasts currently being produced today), weeding through the options to find a high-quality podcast to listen to can be an arduous task. Recently, however, the cloud-based podcast app made it easier for everyone when they released their list of the top ten open-access podcasts for 2020. Included in that list was the official podcast for Oncotarget, an open-access biomedical academic research journal covering all topics surrounding cancer research.

In the autumn of 2016, Oncotarget endeavored to further bridge the gap between scientists and the general public by launching a series of podcasts. These podcasts contained full readings of published papers, interviews with selected authors, and readings of press releases from the Oncotarget newsroom.

“Our mission has always been to make exceptional discoveries rapidly and widely available, eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science and foster applications of basic and clinical science,” said Mikhail Blagosklonny, Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief. “This podcast series has been another way to deliver people free access to the research published in this journal.”

Effectively, the Oncotarget podcast digests much of the complex research that is published in its issues and provides it to listeners in an easy to understand, interesting, and thought-provoking way. Authors are invited to speak about their research on the podcast, giving listeners an even deeper look into the published papers.

“Oncotarget does not stop once the paper is published,” said Blagosklonny. “This podcast is part of an enhanced post publication service Oncotarget provides to authors of its papers by helping them to reach a wider audience.”

Being named one of the top open-access podcasts for 2020 comes as no surprise to those who are familiar with Oncotarget, a journal that was named a “Rising Star” by Clarivate Analytics / Web of Science in 2018. Oncotarget’s most recent Impact Factor is 5.168 (2016).

The podcast series contains multiple streams that target a variety of listeners on the platforms you already love to use: Apple, Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud; so don’t miss a single episode by subscribing to the Oncotarget podcast on your favorite streaming platform today.

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