Going Beyond Open-Access Publishing

The field of academic research is growing at a very fast pace, with open-access journals pioneering a new field of freely available research. This type of free and accessible published research has a tremendous impact on the ability for scientists to make groundbreaking discoveries, paving the way for future benefits to humanity. One such journal that excels in the field of open-access research is Oncotarget, a publication of Impact Journals. But this journal takes the dissemination of scientific discoveries a step further: Oncotarget not only makes all of its published research free to read, but it also uses its resources to both sponsor and participate in important scientific conferences every year.

Oncotarget sponsors and participates in conferences because the journal believes in deepening the beneficial impact of scientific research. While many discoveries are made in the laboratory, some of the most critical connections to discovering major breakthroughs can occur outside the lab, between scientists and academics at conferences. Oncotarget recognizes the opportunity that exists in connecting people who believe in the sanctity and benefits of scientific research, and so every year, its presence can be felt at many different conferences.

Last year, Oncotarget’s presence was seen at the 41st annual Society for Scholarly Publishing conference in California. In an effort to teach scientists about how to widen the impact of their published research, Oncotarget offered an in-depth workshop entitled “Post-Publication Promotion: A Small Publisher’s Ability to Rapidly and Widely Disseminate New Results and Scholarship with In-house Techniques”. This workshop was designed to help other small publishers ensure that scientific research can reach an even wider audience and created strong interest at the conference. Workshops such as this one, Oncotarget believes, help to strengthen the scientific community.

Oncotarget also participates at the conferences put on by the American Association for Cancer Research, a critical proving ground for researchers to share their biggest discoveries of the year. Events such as this one serve a vital purpose in the dissemination of scientific research, and Oncotarget continues to play an important role. Impact Journals, the publisher of Oncotarget, also brings along Aging to these conferences – a sister journal to Oncotarget that focuses on gerontology and aging research.

In the near future, Oncotarget will be a sponsoring the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Molecular Regulation of Canonical and Non-Canonical Autophagy in Ventura, California, USA. Oncotarget will also sponsor the May 2020 International p53 workshop in Rehovot, Israel.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately due to the circumstances of the COVID19 situation worldwide all upcoming conferences for 2020 have been postponed. Please visit for upcoming rescheduling information.

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