Why We Ride: Sofia Parmuzina

My name is Sofia. My mom, Ksenia Novototskaya, has worked at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center since 2016 as a Research and Development Specialist.

I love my mom and I am proud of the work she does. 

I ride for all of the children battling cancer. Childhood is supposed to be the happiest time of their lives but, instead, those children have to go through challenges that I couldn’t imagine.

I always wish them luck and to stay strong!

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Oncotarget is a unique platform designed to house scientific studies in a journal format that is available for anyone to read—without a paywall making access more difficult. This means information that has the potential to benefit our societies from the inside out can be shared with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other researchers, far and wide.

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2021 Ride for Roswell
2021 Ride for Roswell

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