Why We Ride: Sergei Kurenov

Sergei Kurenov is the captain of Team Open Access, and the Director of Surgical Simulation at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center — one of the leading cancer treatment and research centers in the nation. Last year, he shared some thoughts on why he rides…

I participate in the Ride for Roswell because I want to support and speed up research for the cure of different types of cancer.  I have a personal connection to oncology because my father died from lymphoma.  

To those who may have never heard of the Ride, I’d say it’s a lot of fun to ride together with thousands of people. Every time I participate in the ride, I feel like a member of a great, tremendous team that can make everything possible by doing important work together. Even with all the changes that were needed this year, I knew I was part of something bigger that our whole community was supporting. 

I think that during the fundraising and the actual ride, people simply forget about politics and other problems that can separate us as a country and community. With this event, people are simply helping each other, contributing to something meaningful, and the ride helps us to connect in a productive and communal way. 

Read the full 2020 interview with Sergei Kurenov here

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Oncotarget is a unique platform designed to house scientific studies in a journal format that is available for anyone to read—without a paywall making access more difficult. This means information that has the potential to benefit our societies from the inside out can be shared with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other researchers, far and wide.

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2021 Ride for Roswell
2021 Ride for Roswell

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