Testimonial: Dr. Gina Abdelaal

Dr. Gina Abdelaal from Northumbria University discusses her experience publishing “Reversing oncogenic transformation with iron chelation,” with Oncotarget.

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Dr. Gina Abdelaal

I selected Oncotarget because I remember all throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate work, I’ve always been reading lots of papers that were published by Oncotarget. I was always very impressed and I’m quite happy that I got to publish my review in this journal, which I had been following for quite some time now. It was very, very fortunate and I’m quite grateful for it.

The peer review process was fairly easy. The reviewers were extremely professional and all of the comments were very constructive and helped improve the review greatly. And any time I’ve ever had contact with, whether it be the editorial staff or anyone from Oncotarget, they’ve also been very succinct and fast at responding, and just generally lovely.

I think we definitely wanted open access because it would encourage more people to read the journal. Not everyone’s university pays for them to be able to access lots of different journals. I’ve known there have been times where even my university, Northumbria, doesn’t access every single journal. So this is just easier for everyone who’s involved in academia and also allow people to be able to read it if they so wish to.

That’s why we picked open access. Right, well done.

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